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About K-Developedia

Who we are
K-Developedia | www.kdevelopedia.org
In 2012, KDI School has launched K-Developedia, an online database that provides contents of Korea’s development experience, in order to share knowledge with and foster mutual growth of the developing countries. K-Developedia provides "Unique", "Up-to-date", and "Reliable" contents of Korea’s development experience that are shared with domestic and international policymakers, researchers, and students. K-Developedia is a representative website of Korea’s development experience, providing both its own and linked database, user-related and search-centered services provided through the latest website technologies and standards.

KDI School is dedicated to both conducting and dissemination research on Korea's development experiences with the international community.

K-Developedia lies at the heart of these efforts, and it strives to become a global data-knowledge hub in the field of Korea’s development experience. To  achieve this goal, K-Developedia compiles, shares, and reproduces knowledge in the field by providing web services through linking international online platforms.

K-Developedia will continue to make further efforts to provide more diverse contents as well as linkages with international databases to become a pioneering knowledge platform.

Users who want to know about Korea’s development experience will be able to obtain the information through K-Developedia in any IT environment.

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KDI school | KDI school of public policy and management

About KDI School

The KDI School of Public Policy and Management was founded in 1998 as an affiliated educational institution of the Korea Development Institute, a premier government economic think tank at the forefront of social science research. Drawing from the resources of the Institute, the KDI School provides exceptional education that combines current academic theories with comprehensive and innovative practical research to foster global leaders in the public and private sectors at home and abroad.

The Office of Development Research and International Cooperation of KDI school is dedicated to sharing Korea’s unique development experience and public policy strategies with the global community by conducting scholarly research and offering short-term training to development practitioners and policy officials. The office conducts and promoted in-depth joint research on Korea’s development experience with international organizations and renowned research institutions around the world to ensure a more comprehensive, cross-national perspective. The findings are considered a public good and made available via the KDI School created K-Developedia database that was launched to scale the School’s knowledge sharing activities with the international community.


K-Developedia collects, creates and serves contents and data related to Korea from all over the world and conducts two-way sharing of them through cooperation with domestic and foreign research institutes, public institutions and schools.

K-Develeopedia is always looking for new partnership with other organizations.
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